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A Huge UFO In Earths Orbit For 10 Months. (UFO Mysteries)

Was there a massive UFO in Earths orbit for 10 months? More videos from Of Sound Mind And Body: Alien Body Goes Missing In Russia After Being Examined.

2017-05-29 13:29 5,917 YouTube

Timothy Good with Linda Moulton Howe / UFO Secrecy

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2017-05-29 17:38 4,058 YouTube

UFO FILMED Over Farm in California - 05/26/17

UFO Seekers is a non-governmental entity that investigates reports of abnormal activity in attempt to document the UFO phenomenon. Let's see what's out there.

2017-05-29 06:07 45,981 YouTube

激ムズたこ焼き式UFOキャッチャー攻略 さとちん

これってやり始めると途中であきらめきれないよね(';') 実力機でもない確率機でもない、運勝負! 場所:NIKOPA新鎌ヶ谷店(ニコパ) Twitter↓

2017-05-29 05:02 67,198 YouTube

1974 ESP, UFO San Francisco Airport, Patty Hearst

My sighting of a UFO in Daly City, California 1974.

2017-05-29 06:51 1,772 YouTube

Alessia Marcuzzi: quando avvistai un UFO


2017-05-26 00:57 1,089 Dailymotion

The Most Incredible UFO Sighting 2017

The Most Incredible UFO Sighting 2017...

2017-05-29 02:52 2 Dailymotion

UFO Sighting near London, UK ! Date_ 28-05-2017

UFO Sighting near London, UK ! Date_ 28-05-2017...

2017-05-29 01:40 0 Dailymotion

UFO Sightings of 2017

UFO Sightings of 2017...

2017-05-24 05:03 145 Dailymotion

UFO FILMED Over Farm in California - 05_26_17

UFO FILMED Over Farm in California - 05_26_17...

2017-05-29 06:07 1 Dailymotion

UFO (Broke my computer)

A couple of years ago I was invited to Cologne in Germany to take part in a creative music convention. There was a music festival on at the same time (c/o pop) ...

2015-02-18 01:30 55,728 Vimeo


filmed/edited - taylor popham qlamb filmed a clip too UFO - prince kajuku in order of first appearance: ray kronenberg julian mire greg preston storm trogdon ...

2012-11-21 03:31 6,055 Vimeo


Animation for "POPS" - notifications app for android mobile ( by Assaf Benharroch....

2011-12-13 00:05 3,685 Vimeo

UFO Over Santa Clarita

This is a CGI exercise in photorealism. The piece was done at Gnomon Studios with a crew of students from the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in association wit...

2012-10-11 00:38 18,439 Vimeo